There is a universal fascination associated with passion―its defining element, fire, as well as the unseen. Yet how many dare to trespass beyond the final product, exploring the ingredients which keep it sustainable?

This is the traverse of the fourth installment of the Concordant Vibrancy collection, presented by All Authors Publications and Promotions, entitled “Inferno”. Nine phenomenal talents diverge under one purpose: the creation of literary works guaranteed to set the mind, heart, and spirit ablaze.

Stories included:

  • “Express-Oh” by Adonis Mann

  • “Not Always Like This” by Carol Cassada

  • “The Fireman” by Harmony Kent

  • “The Complications of Fire” by Beem Weeks

  • “Calliope’s Inferno” by C. Desert Rose

  • “Moxy” by Y. Correa

  • “Antipode” by Synful Desire

  • “The Chronicles of Aidan” by Da’Kharta Rising, and

  • “The Calefaction of Insight” by Queen of Spades.