An All Authors Anthology Series

What is "Concordant Vibrancy"?

Before one explains the "What" of Concordant Vibrancy, it is important to know how Concordant Vibrancy got its name.

The word Concordant means "to be in agreement or consistent". One aspect that was vitally important to this collection was the consistency of resonant literature upon addressing each theme.

The word Vibrancy means "the state of being full of energy and life". Every author who participated in the Concordant Vibrancy anthology series brought their own interpretation of energy, making their contributions come to life.

Concordant Vibrancy is the intricate fusion of different literary perspectives based on five intangible elements. Those five elements are Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and Spirit.

Each element produced a principle that represented the theme of each book.

In Concordant Vibrancy 1, Earth's counterpart was Unity.

In Concordant Vibrancy 2, Wind's counterpart was Vitality.

In Concordant Vibrancy 3, Water's counterpart was Lustrate (Purification).

In Concordant Vibrancy 4, Fire's counterpart was Inferno (Passion).

In Concordant Vibrancy 5, Spirit's counterpart was Extancy (Survival).

May this collection satiate the thirst of those readers who want not just trending jargon, but transcendent words.

In love and literature,

Y. Correa & Monica F. Brown

Co-Visionaries, All Authors